Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is CANSO’s vision to transform global air traffic management (ATM) performance and deliver seamless airspace globally. It lays out the most comprehensive strategic framework and supporting work programme ever created in CANSO and the ATM industry. It was approved by CANSO Members at the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

Vision 2020 describes the key industry drivers; the direction for the transformation of the industry; as well as the supporting and resisting forces for change. It relies on three core pillars:

  • Being a strong Partner
  • Creating Value for members and stakeholders
  • Optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of the Organisation

In addition, it has two areas that require special focus: ‘Better Regulation’ where CANSO is calling for a more consistent, harmonised and less prescriptive approach to regulation; and ‘Service Priority’ which explores how airspace users that invest in new technology can best reap the benefits from their investment.

Vision 2020 is supported by the CANSO Work Plan which breaks down the strategy into specific activity areas. The Work Plan captures 128 supporting activities planned at global and regional level, each with detailed actions, deliverables and timescales. In line with its strategic approach of global initiatives implemented locally and the Work Plan CANSO is working with industry partners and States to deliver global initiatives, while at the same time working to deliver specific aspects in the regions.
Vision 2020 was developed by involving CANSO Members but also by consulting with industry partners. CANSO Members are fully committed to play their part in delivering Vision 2020. The strength of the Vision 2020 Work Plan is that it is a live working methodology. It is constantly updated as projects are completed and to take account of new regulations, developments and technologies. The process is top-down – implementing the global goals of Vision 2020 – as well as bottom-up with valuable input from the CANSO regions, Standing Committees, Members and industry partners.